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Going back home

As I look back at my life and think of what my plans were at age 19 the plan I am about to make never crossed my mind.  After months of debating it has been decided that I will be moving back home with my parents by the end of this month.  At 19 it did not occur to me that I would be so sick to the degree of the incapability of working, providing for myself, and having to move back home at age 29.  It is not an ideal situation.  Nothing about my life the past 10 months has been ideal.  Slowly I have been stripped of my independence. Ideally, I would not be sick, or if I still had to be I would at least be well enough to work and finish school and stay at my apartment on the third floor.

Every day I tell myself "it could be worse" or that "one day I'll be well again".  I believe in those words.  It is what provides me hope.  However, hope does not change reality.  The reality is, I can no longer provide for myself.  I have extreme dizziness.  If I walk too fas…