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Things people should know about someone with Chronic Pain and Illness: The do's and don'ts.

People mean well with the words they say or the actions they do when dealing with someone who has a chronic illness and pain.  I don’t believe anyone intentionally means the following remarks to be hurtful or annoying, or just ignorant.  However, to really try and understand how chronic pain works on a day to day basis then continue reading.  It’s to give people a better understanding of what is helpful and what is not.  Don’t be offended if you’ve done some of these things either.  Don’t be offended by my sarcastic remarks either.  I just want you to be aware. I’ve studied around on lists other people have made about chronic pain and what is helpful and what isn’t.  It wasn’t surprising when I found that my list was the same or very similar as others who deal with chronic pain.  -You don’t look sick- Just because I don’t look sick doesn’t mean that I’m not.  Some days there is a little more energy to put time and effort into getting ready for the day.  With chronic pain you learn ve…